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At KCG Consultancy MENA, we’re your dedicated partners on the path to success. Our seasoned advisory team specializes in addressing your unique needs, whether it’s fundraising, due diligence, corporate tax advisory, CFO services, VAT consultancy etc. We stand by your side through every step of your journey, drawing from our wealth of experience in handling complex transactions across various sectors. Our commitment is to help you maximize value while prudently managing risks.”
With a journey spanning of almost two decades, KCG has established itself as a trusted Consulting & Tax Advisory firm by establishing full-time offices in India, UAE, Australia, and KSA. Moreover, the company offers offshore services to esteemed clients in the USA and Canada. The company’s head office is based in the thriving city of Dubai, UAE, which has been recognized as a permanent establishment by the Ministry of Economics.

KCG caters renowned Corporate clients (500 Fortune Companies), Government JVs, Startups, and Individual investors.

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KCG Mena is defined by our mission: to create happy customers, empowered employees, and focused executives.
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